Chastity Keyholding

Chastity Key Holder ProgramThis is an ongoing cock control chastity program. You are completely accountable and must report exactly as I outline.  If you’re looking for strict device control then this IS the program!

I am known for my ongoing programs which include first an audio that gives instructions and acts as an initiation. I won’t make a commitment unless you do and this commitment requires you to purchase the audio bundle that contains 3 audios with a total of 26 mins.  You then must report weekly and at any time prove that you haven’t cheated. I am NOT a novice at cock control and chastity. There are several measures and steps taken to ensure that you don’t cheat and give me 100% control over your cock REALLY!

Below is an instant audio download explaining the entire program and getting started. Once you have started and understand all the rules you may also purchase assignments to continue our relationship. 

The program requirements are;

1) Purchase audio set HERE

2) You must have a device or you’re ready to buy a device with my help.

3) Your chastity device must have a lock, keys and you must also have a collection of number serial tags that lock on the device and can not be removed without cutting.

4) You must be able to take inspection photos of your locked cock. I can ask for these any time.

5) You must be able to call or text session at least two times per month for a total of 40 min.

6) You must purchase one tease audio per month. These are no more then 30 bucks.

7) You must complete and report weekly assignments.

8) You are not permitted under NO circumstances to remove the device without permission.

You agree to enroll in this chastity key holder program knowing that I make the rules. I don’t want to hear any excuses. If you cheat you will be fined and punished in order to enter back into the program.

Some will be locked down longer then others. My standard program is no longer then 7 days at a time BUT if I feel you need longer to get the desired result then I will go longer. I decide. I always decide. You truly have no control. This program is ongoing and there is no end unless you walk away or I ban you for not complying.

Click here to begin


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