Guys Who Eat Their Own Cum – Are You a Cum Guzzler?


Girlfriend Cum Swapping

You’re girlfriend is sucking your cock… she’s going to town, humming, moaning and literally devouring your dick. You feel your load swelling and out of courtesy you place your hands on her head and gently pull away but she grabs you and sucks the man milk right out of your rod. Your dick is on fire, exploding and the idea of cumming in her mouth makes it feel like it’s pumping forever! Once she has collected your juice in her mouth, she crawls up your chest, gives you a big sloppy kiss passing your own cum into YOUR mouth. What do you do? Is this hot or not?

Vaginal Creampie or Creampie Eater

Some guys love shooting a nice big load of cum into a woman’s pussy and then going down on her. They rave about the mix of cum and pussy juice from a freshing fucked pussy.  Personally I think this is what cucks and sissies are for but whatever floats your boat!

How Does Your Cum Taste? Curious about Cum

You’re watching porn. Pretty young tarts are sucking cock after cock. You see their pretty little hands grab monster cock, stuff it in their mouths, saliva dripping out the corners of her mouth and then you see him pump into her mouth, all over her lips and face. Something inside of you clicks and wonders what it would be like to swallow cum or have it all over your face. You jerk off with your eyes closes and slurp up your own cum. Or you place your legs over your head, cock pointing towards your face, jerk off and give yourself a cum facial.  Been there done that? Or No fucking way!

Cum Eating Coached by Mistress

You’re lover is a dominant woman and aggressive in bed. She loves making you suck her strap-on dildo before fucking you in the ass. She then flips you over on your back, orders you to spread your legs and lift your hips so she can penetrate your ass with a strap-on dildo.  While she’s fucking you like a bitch girl on your back she starts stroking your cock and pointing it right towards your face. Or she pulls her strapon out of your ass, smears the sperm she collected in her hand and then feeds it to you off her fem cock. Hot or disgusting?

The possibilities for eating your own cum are endless!

Why I Enjoying Him Eating His Own Cum – A Dominant Mistress Perspective

My agenda is total control. It makes me wet knowing a man truly does exist to please me. This level of adoration turns him on too. I might create little humiliating task to make him prove his devotion. It’s hot for me find ways to expand his limits without violating his trust in me. Making him worship my ass, take my strap-on dildo, coach him to suck my strapon, turn him into a panty wearing sissy, all kinds of naughty kinky sex acts BUT the moment I want him to eat his own cum it shifts into another taboo arena. The guys that love lapping up cum don’t count. I already know they are male cum loving addicts. It’s the men that struggle with it but in that very moment of truth they do it to please me. It’s an absolute affirmation of their submission. This turns this kinky dominant mistress on.

It doesn’t matter is it’s live or during cum eating phone sex calls. Any of my personal phone slaves that sign-up for my total cock control program know that this will likely happen. If they are going to earn release or milked after prolong cock chastity slurping up cum slime or “man milk” as I call it, is a given.

Some of my favorite ways to make him eat his own cum

Shoot Directly on Face or in Mouth – Thank you Robert at for providing this photo for this position. It requires you to be agile enough to lift your torso and legs if you were doing the bicycle exercise.  As Robert has shown here, a chair works great or use the wall, headboard or lie on the floor and prop yourself up on the bed. The object is to aim for your face and mouth.  If you have a dribbling tiny dick this option won’t work for you and you will definitely be moved onto more humiliation options below. I like to create incentives and rewards for a job well done. Shoot it all in your mouth and you win BIG!

Sissy Cum Diet – This is normally reserved for my frilly little cock sucking sissies to get them use to digesting cum, however it’s a good humiliating practice for any male. It also means LOTS of milking and preserving his own cum unless he has a live donor to help him. Since orgasm is a reward I will normally have him milk his supply via prostate massage or some type of ruined orgasm so he doesn’t get too much pleasure from it OR make sure her collects every single drop, put in small jars and freeze. The Sissy Cum Diet is very involved and includes recipes. The sissy is instructed to consume male cum several times a day. Be sure you are subscribed to my blog for the release of this sissy assignment.

Happy Meal – This is by far one of my favorites. I love watching him fuck a sandwich, some kind of fruit or desert, ejaculate on his food and then eat it all. Many of my public humiliation assignments involved a reward at the end. This is normally them pulling into a drive thru, ordering their “happy meal” (laughing I call it this but it can be any food) finding a discreet place to park, call me on the phone for some humiliating phone sex and we have lunch together! Lol

Cum Cubes – This is part of my milk and save program. They collect the cum, put it in tiny ice cube trays and use it later. Sometimes I let a cube melt in their mouth during a fantasy phone sex session, stick a cube to melt in their ass or have “happy hour” cum cocktail hour.


I think it’s a big of a contradiction that men enjoy cumming in a woman’s mouth but wouldn’t even consider tasting their own cum. In my opinion is a bit too closed-minded and its highly unlikely I’d date a guy this straight. It’s not that I would expect him to do it all the time but that he’s man enough to do it without caring what people think.

I’d love to hear your comments on this below!

Hot Cum Eating Audio

Buy & Download – Punished, Chastised and made to Eat Your Own CUM! $27.00

Naughty wankers should know better then to orgasm without permission. Cheaters must be punished. In this audio I spank you and then lay down the new rules of cock control; chastity and eating your own cum! Speaking directly at you and includes email assignment follow-up.

Sample from this script: “Obviously I can’t trust you with that cock, therefore I chastity device will be selected and you will need to lock that cock. From now on it will live in a cage until I give you permission to take it off. If you’re lucky you’ll get a chance to orgasm BUT only when you earn it. From now on every single drop of slime from those balls will be collected and consumed BY YOU! (laughing) that’s right boy! If cumming is so important that you’d disrespect me, cheat and lie for it then why waste it? (laughing) Since you’re so addicted to that piece of flesh between your legs I think only fitting that you clean up your mess from now on. So let me guide you to do this properly.”


22 comments to Guys Who Eat Their Own Cum – Are You a Cum Guzzler?

  • Spunk_Eater

    I used to save up many loads in an Ice Lolly Mould and freeze it each time. As soon as it was full I would releases from the mould with the stick frozen in it.

    I would then sit and Lick away at my own cum all frozen in one lolly. It tasted great and was a massive turn on knowing I was eating about a months worth of my own spunk !!

  • Ron

    is it wrong for me to want cock and eat sperm and love it?

  • Cummer

    I love eating my own CUM !! What I really like to do is slide a butt plug up my ass and grind away on it until I shoot a big load into my hand and lick it up. YUM Good !!

  • Dan

    OMG, I would love to eat my “happy meal” and have lunch with you Goddess Josephine

  • jo

    Goddess Josephine, I am definately a cum guzzler and there have been many nights where I have arrived home,from a seedy video booth or a local rest area, with sticky lips and the taste of hot cum still fresh in my mouth. I feel somewhat humiliated, but totally still wanting more! I usually end up with my own messy load all over my stomach. I often think, what a waste, and sometimes do manage to lick some up. Becoming a cum sucker for a mistress like yourself is such a great thought!

  • jon

    hey im 18 and a guy its fun to do i love top cum i ejeculate a lot i hate being a virgin though so i hope to eat a girl soon

  • LOVE the sperm slurpers!! My boys KNOW that they will not get release unless they lick their messies clean!!

    • Josephine

      Thank you Ms Casey! I agree, its a naughty little act – eating your own cum, that guys just love. It can also be a great ending to a guided masturbation session.

  • slut tara

    Just for fun:

    A guy walks into a sperm donor bank wearing a ski mask and holding a gun. He goes up to the nurse and demands her to open the sperm bank vault. She says “But sir, its just a sperm bank!”, “I don’t care, open it now!!!” he replies. So she opens the door to the vault and inside are all the sperm samples. The guy says “Take one of those sperm samples and drink it!”, she looks at him “BUT, they are sperm samples???” , “DO IT!”. So the nurse sucks it back. “That one there, drink that one as well.”, so the nurse drinks that one as well. Finally after 4 samples the man takes off his ski mask and says, “See honey – its not that hard.”

    slut tara
    Property of Goddess Josephine

  • Danny

    When I was younger & a bit more flexible, I did put my body up against the wall upside down while on the bed & cam in my mouth. I learned then that it’s not so easy to have great aim in that position & state of excitement!
    I recently agreed to eat my cum for a sensual dom webchat Mistress. As usual, the desire to eat one’s cum all of a sudden evaporates once you’ve actually cum, but I forced myself to do it at that time because I wanted to submit to my Mistress’s command & pleasure. It was awesome.
    I’d like to be able to do the same for you, Goddess Josephine.

    Oh btw, I like the taste. :-)

  • Goddess Josephine,
    I am so sorry my morning email disturbed you. Hopefully my actions of this day prove my sincerety.

    Property of Goddess Josephine

  • slut tara

    You are a Goddess and You are right. Allowing a man to cum in your mouth, eating one’s own cum or another’s are humiliating acts of submission. Any sissy cuck would be honored to be your fluffer and cream pie eater and even cleaning your bulls afterward so they don’t have a sticky mess on their manly cocks. You shouldn’t have to worry about that. Just thoroughly enjoy Your encounters and leave the cum guzzling to Your sissy sluts. It certainly would be a humiliating sissy assignment but one that a humiliated would be happy to perform for You Goddess Josephine.

    slut tara
    Property of Goddess Josephine

  • sjoseph

    Inspiring article Goddess Josephine. I can say with certainty, eating my own cum is not something I am normally able to do, nor something I normally want to do. Ironically enough it happened just a few days ago as you already know. It sounded harmless when I first agreed to do so, but after the actual act, I believe I was in shock… My method was to cum into my hand and then slurp it up. Pretty messy, some got on my face, but I devoured that too. Haven’t stopped thinking about it since!

    Property of Goddess Josephine

    • Josephine

      Thats why they call it training. You challenge aspects of your nature and it expands your limits sexually, spiritually and psychologically. On the other end of the spectrum I am expanding mine testing and challenging my moral limits. Very few people understand the power of this. It needs great responsibility and trust.

      It’s a huge step to relinquish control and a commitment that is carefully consider from both of us. You were only allowed to enter my total control program because I sensed you are intelligent and motivated by serving me, not selfish like most. HOWEVER reading your email this morning I can see that you need more guidance. You better step it up sweet cheeks or you’ll be wishing you had a load of cum in your mouth.

  • Wellspanked

    Great article Ms Josephine! My absolute favorite way to eat my cum is to explode in my wife’s mouth and have her feed it back to me. The first time she did this I had no idea it was coming. I wasn’t sure if she did to discourage me from cumming in her mouth, or payback, or what the reason. Since then she has done it almost every time I finish that way (which isn’t too often). I think if she did it to try to discourage me, she would have tried something else by now, so I’m thinking she enjoys it.

    Two ways I have yet to eat my own man milk is licking it off of a dildo or vibrator, and licking off of shoes or boots. I think some LDW mistress might help me with the frist way sometime.

    • Josephine

      I guess thats sorry but I can’t allow a man to cum in my mouth. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it and it feels too submissive to me. I might tease a cock, stroke it, bite it, etc but I have sissy cucks to fluff and slurp up creampie. I would never want to deprive them such a treat! lol

      But watching a man struggle with eating his own cum but doing it to please me… now thats hot for me.

  • robert

    That would be such a mindfuck for those in prolonged chastity. Imagine being denied, edged without release and forced to store up all that cum for several days. Your balls ache for a real orgasm. Then finally the moment arrives when your Mistress says, “Ok, you may cum…but there’s a catch…ROLL OVER! LOL!” Seriously, who could say, ‘No’? I couldn’t…

    • Josephine

      the audio I recorded about this is a poor orgasm denied slave that cheats. After he’s spanked he has to cum on his face with bonus points/reward if he gets it in his mouth. I guess I could have fucked him when his ass was in the air and point his cock towards his face.

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