Putting Men in Panties

I love putting men in panties. I can think of so many fun things centered on women’s panties wrapped around a man’s cock and balls. The dynamic can be subtle or extreme; he is forced as part of his emasculation or he is allowed to explore his sexy feminine side. Whichever the case is the fact remains that panties are a lot more exciting then male boxer’s or briefs.

I decided to use a few real examples where I placed men in panties. I think this is easier to grasp and  far more exciting. These are actual scenes, real people; however the names have obviously been changed. All are guys I do phone sex sessions with.

Roger is a 50 something year old married man. He is successful earning six figures, beautiful home and married his college sweetheart. When Roger was 13 he stole a pair of his sister’s friend’s panties while she was sleeping, put them on and masturbated. At a young age he developed a fetish for women’s panties. Not just any panties but well worn scented panties. This required him to hunt through hampers and by the time he was in college he had masterfully learned how to slip into dorm rooms and steal dozens of panties. He kept his panty fetish from his wife for over 25 years and then one day she discovers his “stash” of worn panties all neatly sealed in Ziploc bags to protect the scent.

At first she was angry and threatened to divorce him. She learned that she couldn’t trust him and began going through his phone records (he should have call an 800 number or bought a pre-paid phone and pre-paid credit card) She also went through his email and soon discovered that Roger was also addicted to phone sex. She decides to email me and tell me her story. That she will no doubt leave him. I assured her that although he was a panty wanker and used phone sex that the chances of him cheating were very low. That he used his fetish as a sexual outlet and was too embarrassed to share it with her. I then helped her devise a plan to control him. If panties were the ammunition then she clearly had the upper hand, especially now that she had his stash.

Through panties she controlled not only his orgasms but it tremendously increased their sex life and every single aspect of their relationship.

The bottom line is that she began a program of punishment and reward USING panties as way to get Roger to do almost anything. She was even clever enough (and at my advice) to buy panties from the panty farm “strip club”). Through panties she controlled not only his orgasms but it tremendously increased their sex life and every single aspect of their relationship.

Mike on the other hand is a macho kinda guy that has always been known to be a womanizer. He’s good looking, successful and through out college never had any trouble getting hot chicks or getting laid. Even after he got married to the “trophy wife” he continued fucking around; going to strip clubs, hiring escorts in Vegas and even had a few long term affairs. One day Mike meets a “different” kind of woman. She is beautiful and aloof. She isn’t easily impressed with Mike’s machismo and this drives Mike crazy. He’s so use to women falling all over him that he finds this strange obsession with her. Little does he know she is a well seasoned dominatrix that seriously yanks his chain. She is very clever in her seduction and ultimately has him wearing panties and bending over to get fucked by her strap-on dildo. Poor Mike…she leaves him and he suddenly finds that she left him with a serious panty addiction. He still goes to strip clubs and hires escorts but his whole game as changed. He longs for women to take control, force him to wear panties and then fuck him like a girl with a strap-on dildo. Thanks to his dominant mistress fling, strong addictions and his overwhelming desire to be humiliated and emasculated I have almost gotten him to the point of sucking REAL COCK. This all started with panties.

Finally we have Bill. Bill is a sweet man. He is naturally passive and enjoys giving a woman pleasure. He’s always been attracted to strong types and feels it is his duty to make them happy. He wears panties because it helps him feel closer to women. Bill considers himself somewhat a feminist and in some strange way his submission to women helps him find sexual balance, however he still feels that women are unobtainable, therefore he wears panties to feel connected. Bill is not gay or bisexual. He enjoys wearing panties and having a woman that appreciates the fact that he does and can relate to their feminine needs.

There are many more examples; however it would be impossible to list them all. So many circumstances can create different results but there is no doubt that panties have sexual powers. Below are a few assignments to try out.

Special Note: Do a search online for various size charts to determine what size you’ll need. If you can’t find this or panties that fir correctly then you’ll need to go into a store and have a salesgirl help you.

Soft-core – Nervous Novice

Purchase panties at a store or online. See the special note above. Once you have your panties take a hot bath or shower. Put your panties on and nothing else. If you really want to enhance the panty experience you’ll shave your cock and balls. This will intensify it beyond words! Stroke your cock inside the silky panties. Feel how sexy they feel and imagine a sexy woman rubbing your cock in your panties.

Soft-core – More Daring

Same as above. Buy in the store or online. Shave your cock and balls, war the panties under your male clothes but out in public. You can wear them to work or to run an errand. If this is your first time you will become acutely aware of wearing panties. Be careful though because your cock might get hard.

Hard-core – Dare Devil

You will go to the store. If you’re smaller frame go to Victoria Secrets. If you’re larger then try Lane Bryant. Both are in the mall. As you start to look at all the panties no doubt a sale woman will ask you if she can help you. You tell her that you’re there to buy panties for your wife. She will then ask what size your wife is. You will tell her that you and your wife are the same size. She probably won’t believe you but that doesn’t matter.

You can tell her that your wife instructed you to buy panties for yourself. You can then judge her reaction. She will tell you to leave or help you. Trust me; you’re not the first guy that ever came in to buy panties.

I personally love things more daring and I am impressed by the man that steps up to a serious challenge (erotic humiliation), doesn’t care what others thinks and is dedicated to his pleasure and mine.

If you’d like to explore this further, please give me a jingle and we’ll set up assignments and some very fun panty games.

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