Sissy Caught in My Panties -Audio Included

Oh my, what is that you’re wearing? Are you wearing my panties? Where did you get those stockings and lingerie? You little freak have you been going through my things? What kind of man puts on his girlfriends clothes? You’re no man. You’re a freaking sissy.

You realize this changes everything, don’t you? I could never even imagine making love to you like a man ever again. It’s probably best… I never had the nerve to tell you that your penis is just way too small! You’ve probably realized that I’ve been going out with my friends a lot, haven’t you? Now that your dirty little secret is out I think I should tell you MY secret… I’ve been fucking another man. I’m sorry darling but that small shrimp dick of yours just won’t do!

Now look at you… a grown man in panties! Imagine what your friends would say if they knew you were a SISSY! (laughing) That’s right pantywaist; things are going to change around here. Not only will you be cleaning the house but you’ll be entertaining my guest… ALL my guest, including my dates!

OMG that little dicklet is sticking out! Ewwwww and look it’s dripping and making a mess in MY panties! I will never wear those panties again! Ewwwww you’ve ruined them you nasty little sissy. Now take them off and suck that slime out of them right now. When you’re done you can hump your pillow. That’s the only thing you’ll be humping around here from now on.

Audio below – Now call me! 1-800-601-6975


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