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I'm going to ROCK your WORLD!

There is no doubt that some people think I have lost my mind when I talk about diet, meditation and orgasms. Aside from the obvious and “typical” release achieved by whatever floats your boat that week, there is an array of sex stimuli to drive you over the edge; Magazines, videos and of course PHONE SEX. But what if I could teach you to take your orgasms to the next level? Would you commit to the practice of it? Isn’t it true that anything truly worthwhile takes focus and a commitment to the entire process? Why not invest a bit of time and practice and learn what makes my life so wonderful! Have you ever noticed how much I laugh and smile? It’s not the quantity of orgasms but the quality! This program is NOT for those seeking instant gratification. It’s for serious gluttons of pleasure! I absolutely, without a doubt guarantee this program to produce earth shattering, mind blowing orgasms and positive REAL changes in your life.


Let’s get started!




Meditation takes practice and is one of the core factors in good concentration and full body orgasms. The benefit is that not only will it help rocket you into orgasmic bliss but every single area of your life will be more productive and creative. It takes a bit of discipline and dedication at first but within only a few weeks you will notice huge results and you’ll want to make it a priority.


I have meditated daily for years at least 30 min, more often 60. You start with a few moments and practice going longer. I made a game out of it because it’s so hard to keep my crazy mind still! Whenever I had the opportunity I would just close my eyes, breathe and try to keep my mind completely still. Naturally thoughts roll in. You simply say hello and quickly good bye without stressing out. Some people find music helps them “zone out” easier. If you do a search on Amazon for meditation MP3’s or check out http://brainsync.com/affiliates/id/185 - Look for Gamma Brain audios. I love these and use them often. Sometimes it takes exploring to find the right sound or method that helps you relax and think of NOTHING.


Start your meditation ASAP and begin making it a daily practice.


Diet & Exercise


You’ve heard the saying “You are what you eat.”. Your common sense tells you it’s true but for some reason, be it a busy schedule, laziness or food addictions you eat all the wrong foods. Did you know this also affects your sex life and orgasms? Damn right it does! Sexual energy is a high vibration which is why so many people become addicted to masturbation and release, however if your body and mind are not in sync to the process you’ll make a spill and although pleasurable it won’t be spectacular! If you’re ready to take ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY you need to increase your body’s vibration and health. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Eat as many raw as you can. Stay away from processed foods and adopt a diet that will work for your lifestyle.


Exercise doesn’t have to take a lot of time or be painful. You can adopt a simple plan that works into your weekly routine. How about some push-ups to strengthen that arm for some extended stroking and edging sessions? Certainly that is great motivation! Walking, playing tennis, Flirty Girl Fitness (for sissies) or hit the gym. The main thing is that it’s something you can live with all the time and not something you dread. Perhaps you can combine a “Stroker or Sissy Diet Program” for additional motivation? Just call me to begin your program.

Without a doubt, the better you feel will make all the difference in the world!


Once you start feeling good and you’re ready to engage in mind blowing orgasms you’ll find that using the proper toys/tools really does take it to the next level. It can turn your masturbation sessions, guided or not, into intense full body orgasms. In guided masturbation I have many stroking techniques to help build and “ride” sensation. Riding is the ability to edge and hold sensation without going over. If you have been unsuccessful at edging then you’ll need a good “Control Program” to teach you how to edge. You’ll need to work carefully with your phone sex fantasy provider and let her help you learn how to edge properly.


The toys I like to use are:


Astro-glide Lube – even if you’ve spanked the monkey dry successfully you’ll need lube to successfully do the stroking techniques I teach. You might as well get the BEST!


Pocket Rocket – It’s a small powerful vibrator when used properly on your cock and grundle area, will make that cock SCREAM! It’s essential for teasing and getting your vibration super high! If not a pocket rocket any small powerful vibrator that will fit in your pocket.


Anal & Prostate Toys – Are not always necessary to take you to Cock Nirvana BUT if you’ve got a hungry or curious Mangina it will certainly top it off! I have a few special toys I recommend but it depends on a few factors, therefore I can’t suggest until I know what your assoilogy is all about.


Putting it ALL Together


I’m not going to give you all my secrets. Oh no! I want to be directly involved in this process. I will let you begin the practice above, get your mind and body tuned to prepare for exalted decadence and then you’ll call me or arrange custom audio sessions. I may prepare some stock training audios IF there is enough interest in learning my version of Tantric Masturbation. For now, simply call me to prepare you personalized program. We’ll go over your budget and how best to fit the program to YOUR needs.


You can also subscribe to my Sex Toy & Video Review Group to discuss ideas on diet, music, how to create a sex budget and more!


and most importantly be SURE to use my Stockroom Affiliate Link so I can get paid for YOUR fun! lol





5 comments to Tantric Masturbation – Best Orgasms EVER!

  • O.W.

    Dear Josephine,
    So true, and an excellent reply. Your posts are always intriguing, and I was really just asking what sort of training in tantra you have had. It seems that quite a few of the LDW Mistresses are versed in this area and I wonder what sort of experience they have had?

    Mistress Courtney’s Orgasm Whore

    • Josephine

      Forgive the delay… I was “busy” lol- my wild birthday week.

      I have studied many paths and became interested in tantra quite a number of years. I have been practicing hatha yoga many moons. I’ve always had an interest in authentic female domination, the path of the divine feminine- the many aspects of goddess, etc. I’m always interested in energy work of any kind and I have my own versions of this. I began using kundulini, tantra and meditation, my own versions, as part of orgasm control and sex magic some time ago. Long before I came to LDW. My pets are required to give me full control and these includes diet (if needed) and meditation as well as orgasm control. It’s not a journey that happens in one session. It’s a dynamic we build together.

      I’ve stopped putting labels on my spiritual evolution. Today I simply use the many tools, the lessons I’ve learned and experiment until I find the space I want to be.

  • O.W.

    Dear Josephine,
    As a vegetarian (20 plus years)/T.M. addict (since the 1980’s) but a fan of Kelly Howell as well/and gym fanatic for many years, I have had some experience (30 years plus) of tantric orgasms and states of sexual euphoria that cannot be easily described, especially to men. For the last 3 years however my experiences have been improved to the nth degree after I began sessions with Ms Courtney here at LDW. What can I say other than people would not believe that I could and do have hundreds of orgasms per session with her, that I can get into a different tantric state with edging (I had never had the need to edge before as I could cum and cum and cum) and most interestingly she showed me that I could have several hours of non stop anal/prostate orgasms that would include several peak events of extended orgasms that last for many many minutes…. Are you saying that you can beat that?? (I am intrigued)
    Mistress Courtney’s Orgasm Whore.

    • Josephine

      I am not challenging anyone but inviting them to explore this as an option. I’m happy that you’ve found such orgasmic bliss and have chosen a spiritual sexual path. Perhaps you’ll be an example since you have so much experience already. Mistress Courtney is an excellent mistress. We all have our own style and methods of control.

      As with anything worthwhile it takes commitment and practice. As you know the spiritual aspects of enlighten requires humility, something all men have difficulty with.

  • subdoc


    i cannot thank You enough for taking control of my life including diet and exercise. i have never felt better. i have lost 26 pounds since You began to control what i eat and how i exercise. And the ORGASMS! Even as infrequent as they are they are truly memorable explosions of wonder and almost painful pleasure!

    i am YOURS!


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