The Course of Our Relationship – My New Cuckold MP3

This is a great new audio!

We have been dating for a few weeks and then all of a sudden all contact stops. You’re heartbroken and wondering what you’ve done. You’re aware of you’re “shortcomings” (tiny penis humiliation) but things have been so wonderful between us that you have actually started to fall in love. After a few days of being ignored you spot me with another man in a restaurant! Once I spot you I walk over, kiss you on the cheek and you want an explanation. I tell you that things have been wonderful, exciting and new BUT, well….. I look at your crotch and shake my head. You vow to do ANYTHING if I give you just one more chance. I agree and that evening you come to my house for a HUGE surprise!

This audio gets down and dirty. First I prepare you by shaving the hair from your cock and balls, legs and then making you wear PINK panties. Once on I kiss you intimately, your cock raging in the panties and then I push you on to the bed! After teasing you I tie your wrist to the headboard, open the door and my lunch date steps in with a HUGE cock. He straddles over your face, you suck his huge cock and then not only do I fuck his monster cock right over your face BUT smash my cream filled pussy on your mouth! While smothering you with my pussy my lover fucks you AND cums inside your virgin hole. Welcome to my world cucky boy! Your life is about to change.

This audio is very detailed and descriptive yet gets down to the point- YOU are my new cuckold sissy!

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