Training a Sissy Wife

I decided to continue my fantasy of marrying a sissy wife and begin my new training program “Training a Sissy Wife“.  This will be an ongoing training program preparing my sissies in the event they are lucky enough to find that perfect woman needing a wife. If you follow my training I bet your chances will be MUCH better. Certainly there are other women like me looking to have it all; a doll they can dress up, a live in maid, lady in waiting, girlfriend to shop with, entertainment and someone to help with the Bulls.

So now I’m going to solicit my readers and slaves to help me. In the comment area you’ll post your ideas and links to special articles and things to help a sissy wife. Remember, I have never had a wife before so I need your help in figuring this out so that one day I’ll be training a REAL sissy wife. Do keep in mind that my sissy wife must also double as a cuck, therefore she will be extra busy! Any time saving tips on house cleaning, shopping or cooking to save this poor sissy from enslavement will be helpful.

So let’s begin.

  1. First of all do you feel the sissy wife should be placed in chastity?
  2. What should be the daily “house” attire? Do you feel the sissy wife should have a different outfit for each duty she performs?
  3. What do you think should be the duties of a sissy wife?
  4. Do you think a sissy wife should work outside the home? If so, how would she get all her duties done?

As you can see this is a start and we will elaborate more later in future post. In the meantime join us in the Get Girlie Forum to discuss this topic HOWEVER please please leave comments here too. I love it when you post on my blog and share links, pics and information to help everyone.

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7 comments to Training a Sissy Wife

  • tammyann

    i’m a sissy wife so i will give You my take based on my expereiences. First i no longer work outside the home because i am needed at home as much as possible and a true sissy wife should stay at home because that’s our place.This way we have no life outside of our Mistress’s home. Fortunately for us we paid off our house while i was working.Since i no longer live in the outside world, i have no expenses outside the home. If You need to make extra money then You could have a sissy maid business where Your sissy wife could clean peoples” homes for money. Perhaps the homes of other Goddesses like You. i am reqired to dress in a french maids outfit while i am doing my housework. i have no “male” clothes to speak of.i wear shorts and tanktops outside to do yardwork. When my Mistress and i are together at night,She lets me wear what i like{as long as it pleases Her]. The bottom line is that it is the duty of the sissy wife to do any chore or errand that her Mistress or Master desires. It is also a sissywife’s job to entertain and please her Mistress and Her friends in any way the Mistress chooses. i am on call for my Mistress 24/7/365. iam not in chastity as of now because my Mistress has not deemed it necessary because i have a clit not a cock.

  • First of all do you feel the sissy wife should be placed in chastity? Hmm well am somewhat mixed in this answer. First a good sissy I believe would know they don’t have any male parts after all they are the wife right? Second, A wife is to make her partner or significant other happy. Now for the other side of the coin, If a sissy does not know they don’t have any male parts then by all means yes they should be in chasity. And if they don’t know how to control themselves, again yes chasity is warrented. But above all it would be up to Mistress however.
    What should be the daily “house” attire? Do you feel the sissy wife should have a different outfit for each duty she performs? For cleaning chores such as dusting, vaccuming, laundry, making beds, a maid uniform is appropriate complete with stockings, apron, ruffle panties. For chores such as cooking, a dress (complete with panties, bra, pantyhose, and shoes) and a apron is appropriate. For bathroom duties such as cleaning the toliet, then I would believe only wearing a pair of panties and bra is appropriate as would not want to mess up her really good clothes for this chore. For chore of preparing a bath and assisting her significant other in relaxing in a warm soothing bath then a appropriate romper or maid uniform. For duties such as shopping, then either female slacks and blouse or if the area is acceptable a dress or skirt and blouse. For Entertaining duties, then what ever attire signigicant other wants. Suppose sissy should have a different outfit for each chore.
    What do you think should be the duties of a sissy wife? Grocery shopping,clothes shopping, cooking, vaccuming, laundry, making beds, gardening, assisting significant other in bathing, dressing and relaxing as well as any other duty deemed appropriate.
    Do you think a sissy wife should work outside the home? If so, how would she get all her duties done? Well, is it not the duty of a wife to stay at home and support her significant other in keeping the house all in order and pleasing her significant other as well as being the supportive wife. Believe both the sissy wife and significant other would need to discuss wheter there is a need for the sissy wife to work outside of the home. A good sissy wife as compared to a traditional wife manages the house as well as the daily chores.

  • Stephanie

    I think most definitely chastised and nipples pierced. A long flowing maids outfit for formal wear,a short maids outfit with frilly panties for everyday wear. A little school outfit for shopping and doing errands. The sissy wife should do all of the cleaning, cooking, laundry, bathing and shaving Godesses legs. Mowing the lawn in a skimpy outfit and heels would be required, as the neighbors would get a kick out of the humiliation as well. She should be trained to satisfy Goddess, and her friends, male or female.
    I think the only work to be done outside the house would be when Goddess sends her over to a friends house to clean it as well.

  • Empress Josephine

    ok on number 4- This would be great IF I were wealthy OR my new wive was. I have a sissy now that is about to retire at 55 and in great shape. Probably is that he’s already married. :(

    I would want to have lots of free time to be a cuckoldress and explore. If I was the only one working I’d have to work 6 days a week, like I do now to live the style of living I enjoy now. Soooooo sissy wive must work but have weekends off. I’ll hire a maid OR get another sissy maid. Then on weekends I can have both of them over! :::clapping:::: sounds like fun fun!

    I have lots of ideas I’ll be posting soon Plus working on a sissy blog and radio show. It will all evolve and who knows maybe I’ll write a book!

  • Tyra

    1. She should definitely be kept in chastity and only allowed release when it pleases YOU! The longer she is in chastity and denied, the more control you will have over her.

    2. Sissy wife should ALWAYS be required to keep her body totally hair-free, nails done and full makeup. She should be allowed to change her outfits as she wishes BUT, allowed to wear ONLY mini skirts & dresses and heels at least 4″ high (absolutely NO pants or shorts of any kind).
    However, Mistress always reserves the right to dictate sissys’ attire.

    3. Sissy wife must do any/all domestic chores, ie: floors, laundry, cooking, dishes, washing windows etc. She must also be “available” for whenever Mistress desires to use her for sex and/or use her for the enjoyment of others.

    4. I don’t think it would be practical for her to work outside the home, but whenever Mistress needs errands done, sissy should be requires to go out and do them suitably attired. Maybe not in a skirt and heels, but in SHORT shorts, cropped pants, tank tops, cute flats or other similar sissy clothing with a touch of makeup.

    Oh, I envy the sissy who might find such an arrangement :)


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