Wife Takes Control of Hubby with MY HELP!!!!!! Sissy Hubby Pay Back!


This is a true story and no doubt the persons involved will read this. They know who they are. Hopefully we’ll have positive follow-up and we should all support this couple on a new journey.

Be Careful What You Wish For

I received a call, actually several from a selfish little man that harbored fantasies for years about being placed in chastity, sissified and emasculated.  His wife entertained (put up) his fetishes for years. They never really had a true dynamic because it was all about him, never her.  He buys a chastity device and ask her to lock his cock. As always she complied but told him she didn’t really know what a “keyholder” was.  He called me while she was at work and while he was locked up to entertain himself. It was then that I suggested, half kidding, that I speak to her and tell her how to take control. I explained to him that he was stupid and the reason why she wasn’t really interested was because there was nothing in it for her. Men often make this mistake and turn their partners off completely. Its pretty contradictory to ask a woman to take control when all she’s really doing is serving your needs with nothing in exchange. To be honest I thought it went in one ear and out the other. I didn’t really think he was locked up nor did I believe she even knew about it.

So today he calls me and tells me she’s ready to talk to me. I thought he was starting up another fantasy conversation so I played along. “Ok then put her on the phone!” I ordered.  He then calls her name and even then i’m thinking his stupid ass will probably pick up and pretend to be her. Instead she actually picked up the phone. I wasn’t entirely sure how to handle it but after a few moments the two of us were having a conversation.  She explained that he had been into a while and she knew about it but didn’t understand it.  She wasn’t into it but did it because HE wanted it.  I then asked her, “If you could have him do anything, other then be normal, what would YOU want him to do for YOU?”  She paused for a moment then said, “To love me.”  I replied, “What do you mean? To make love to you?” She responded, “Yes”.  I then asked her when was the last time they had sex.  She said it had been YEARS!

Pay Back is a BITCH

We talked for a little while and I learned that he had not given her an orgasm in years. That he told her he wasn’t turned on because she has gained weight since their last child.  As I listened to her I became angry and yet at the same time excited at the possibility of getting even.  I hear a lot of fantasies about force and manipulation but now I had a chance to REALLY make it happen for another women. I asked her to trust me and that things were about to change for her but that I needed her assistance.  I told her that we were going to lock him in chastity and panties. That I was going to give him instructions that he must follow. That was to remain in chastity until I decided he could be released.  I then gave her my email and asked her to email Sunday night with a report on how he did.  She laughed and agreed. I then asked her to let me speak to him too.

He picked up the receiver.  I gave him instructions while she was on the phone. I told him that if she gained weight maybe it was because HE wasn’t doing HIS J.O.B in serving her like the Goddess she is. He was to address her properly; “Yes Ma’am” always! He was then given this list:

  1. Tonight he will wait on her hand and foot. He will clean the dishes and let her relax the rest of the night.
  2. She will take a shower and he will give her a full body massage. Something he has NEVER done.
  3. He will bring her to orgasm with his mouth while he remained locked in chastity.
  4. At 5am he was to wake up, bring her coffee before work. I told him that since he wasn’t man enough to earn a living for his family then the very least he could do is make her life better for the work she did for the family.
  5. After she left for work he was to clean the house SPOTLESS. Not just a straighten up but toothbrush clean.
  6. He was to shop and prepare dinner Sunday night.
  7. Sunday night he was to give her another massage and orgasm.

I told his wife that he must remain in chastity until he has successfully brought her to orgasm 3 times. If this took 2 days or 6 days. However long it took he was not to be unlocked. I also told her that if he complained, did a half ass job or acted like and asshole to take the chastity keys from around her neck, throw them at him and tell him NEVER to bother her with this shit again!

So I guess we’ll stay tuned and see what he does. He has an open door and chance to make this wonderful or ruin it. For both of them I hope he does as he’s told. Empress Dallas told me I shouldn’t have bothered and that I should have told her to get a REAL MAN. Well that might be next!

Feed back? Comments? Maybe the little slut will come and post some comments here. I have a feeling he will but lets see if he’s man enough to comply.


31 comments to Wife Takes Control of Hubby with MY HELP!!!!!! Sissy Hubby Pay Back!

  • nikki

    im having second thoughts about all this ,and am not sure i can stop it now .please help

  • nikki

    dear enpress.the other nite my wife unlocked me to service her,and i could not preform,i was humiliated she laughed at me and i dont know why i said it but i told her she needs a boyfriend.

  • Empress Josephine

    Too bad. I hope she teaches you a big lesson. You should be cooking, cleaning and taking care of her. Be a good little sissy slut and maybe she’ll get a boy friend, a real man and make you suck cock.

  • nikki

    hi i know its been awhile.well here is my up date although i hate being locked up.my life is changing and for the better.im finding i like denise being in charge of me and serving her.my desire for her has never been stronger.and a very specail thank you goes to josephine thank you you saved our relationship.thanks again luv nikki

  • nikki

    its getting worse now i have to shave my body and do all the house work tuesday.empress no im not full of it.now im a scared sissy

  • nikki

    guys please hear my warning.becareful what you wish for. this storie is about me.and ive been locked in a cb6000 and i hate it.she wont take it off at all.says im whinning if i complain about any thing.or worse she adds time in the tube.god im scared all the time.i dont know when or even if ill ever get it off.guys please please bevery affraid of the cb6000it works tooo good erections are very painful.you wont escape.this danm thing screws with your head very badly please becareful

    • Empress Josephine

      You deserve everything that happens to you. At some point she’ll have enough, contact me on the phone and I will make firm suggestions.

  • nikki

    dear goddess please please help . i cant stand chasity anymore.I WANT OUT.please

  • Empress Josephine

    He is a worthless useless pig. Nothing happened because he’s selfish and deserves what he gets- nothing. I hope his wife emails me so I can set her straight.

  • Katy

    What has happened with this lately?

  • brawearer

    i am also in his shoes but i know my place. i humiliate and degrade myself in private and public by dressing as a non passable sissy. i do give Her oral sex but cannot do anything else as my sissy nature takes over

  • Empress Josephine

    Thank you all. You have made me so proud on the considerate post. I think its outstanding so many of you feel the way you do about women. It’s a sign of the times and shows how truly wonderful you all are.

  • How sad that he neglected his superior wife. She deserves pleasure. If She continues to follow Your instructions Goddess, his world will change completely.

  • Tyra

    “he told her he wasn’t turned on because she has gained weight since their last child”

    That is truly pathetic! If he’s turned off simply by the fact that she’s put on some weight , then he doesn’t really LOVE his wife. My wife has gone through hell & back with health issues and is a bit on the heavy side (totally out of her control), but I’d never leave her side and I love her more & more every day (listen to Brad Paisleys’ “THEN”). She is truly a gem.
    Sure, I wish she were a little more “kinky”, but I’m sure she wishes I wouldn’t “dress” as much too. But hey, we deal with it because we TRULY love each other.

    “I also told her that if he complained, did a half ass job or acted like and asshole to take the chastity keys from around her neck, throw them at him and tell him NEVER to bother her with this shit again!”

    If I thought for a minute that my wife would “play along” and we could actually live out the scenario put forth by Mistress Josephine, I’d be delighted. Unfortunately, I think she’d be repulsed by such and therefore I would not consider offending her with such a proposal.

    Hopefully, this guy will realize how good he has it and not screw it up.

  • I want to be him sooooo bad!!! He is soo lucky to have a wife that cares to teach him how to be a sissy.

    Hugs, kisses and curtseys,

  • Empress Josephine

    lol- Stephanie! Good point. BUT if she divorces him who is going to clean and take out the trash? I think he needs to be trained and taught to worship her.

    she emailed. Everything has gone as planned thus far. She wanted to know the next step. I told her to let him stay in it until tuesday when he goes to work but he needs to continue. If he did a good job he can get down on his knees, tell her thank you for allow him to serve her like a GODDESS and he can wank off then slurp up his own slime.

  • Stephanie

    Have her flush the keys down the toilet!!! Don’t most women gain weight after a pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t worship her any different. For Christ sake, she just gave you a child! Flush the keys down the toilet and divorce the pig!

  • wellspanked

    Brilliant Ms Josephine. The put up or shut up approach, really for both of them. Hopefully he learns things need to be a two way street, and that it gets them both interested in eachother.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more

  • I soooooooooo wish my gf would do this. How should I try and convince her that I do it for her?

    Hugs, kisses and curtseys,

  • […] skilled at satisfying a woman such as myself. A man very much unlike the pathetic stroker boy that Ms Josephine fixed. He was all about his little penis and couldn’t care less about anyone but himself. Boy […]

  • I just love how these subs are so self-centered yet they want to serve us as goddesses. He has one at home that he chooses to ignore, I REALLY hope she turns the tables on him good.

  • Empress Josephine

    Notice how only the ladies commented here? lol- The guys are scared!

  • Yes, indeed, I would have told her to find another man. And perhaps told him either he starts to act like a man now, or my next step would be a divorce attorney. Anything to make him understand that he MUST put her on a pedestal and give her everything she wants, needs and deserves.

  • I think I love you. You sooooooo rock. That was Fantastic. I applaud your Mistress abilities with a standing ovation. ;) – Mistress Simone

  • Empress Josephine

    lol- Ladies thank you for your comments. I am watching this one closely. I hope the hell he follows through. I also hope she realizes what she can do with him and straightens his ass out. I’ll keep everyone posted on this.

  • If he asks like an ass and gives her a hard time, you should tell her to toss that key down the garbage disposal!! Its worked well for me. lmao Just my 2 cents……

  • I salute you for bringing his wife into the game. For heaven’s sake. He could very well have a real life 24/7 game and was overlooking the possibilities. Not to mention that this angel wife deserves to get served by him. I am loving this story!

    Empress Violet

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